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Our daughter Rose has graduated college and moved to Seattle.  She is very very happy there~ teaching sewing, learning to cook, falling in love.  And I miss her.  This is the card I chose to send her this week, from my collection of New Joyful Living Cards.


New this Spring!!! YES! It is Spring!!!



Because so many beautiful people love my One Hundred Fortunes bundles, I’ve created One Hundred Blessings, with all new quotes inside.  It was a joy to assemble this collection.  I’m using softer colors for these, and the quotes lean toward love and blessings.  There are gift giver discounts for bulk purchases.


Then I had the delighted idea to take the hundred fortunes AND the hundred blessings and put all 200 into a larger gift box.  I’ve called them A BOX OF FORTUNES, and they come in several beautiful patterns.



I’ve also created a bunch of new Joyful Living cards.
 Click here to see them all.


So much Beauty Being Expressed

When I first saw this video, my heart spoke to me and said, Imagine: there is so much beauty being expressed in this world that you are currently unaware of.


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Five Favorite Love Quotations… from the Love Box

I’m so excited to share these new Love Boxes with you- just in time for Valentine’s, but perfect love reminders for any time of year.  Each box contains 30 inspirational cards with a focus not merely on romantic love, but on the essence and essentialness of love- the presence and the practice of love- the beingness of it.

love box

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For the Love Box Product page, visit here!



Namaste Love & Oneness Blessing Bundles


Each of these blessing bundles contains folded blessings, poems & inspiration to encourage a deep sense of love and oneness.


They also have a sweet Quan Yin Charm, and a paper flower.


This summer, when a yoga business owner bought over 20 bundles as gifts for her employees,
I remembered this: People who get it really get it.






The above poem is in the Namaste Love & Oneness Bundle, and also found in the book, Befriending The Soul.


Bundles may be purchsed by clicking this link.



A gift with every order


Aren’t these bookmarks pretty?  I love including one as a gift with every book.

The Tug of Autumn


The Tug of Autumn

At noon I stood in stillness,
amidst a cathedral of browning oaks,
chin up, mouth agape, watching
leaves languish from the trees.
It was raining and the tug of autumn
was surely here.
I would like to be wiser, calmer,
more at home in the world.
I’d like to give my days
the delighted artfulness
of courtship, merging, lingering,
bearing witness, offering praise.
I want to hold what holds us.
~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff,
from the book of poems, What Holds Us

Beauty I meant to Share Sooner

Is it ever too late to share glimpses of beauty?  Here are just a few pictures from summer…

IMG_2094 IMG_2096 IMG_2117 IMG_2069 IMG_2058 IMG_2036 IMG_1859  IMG_1857 IMG_1856 IMG_1968 IMG_2008