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& the Sacred Essence of Joy

Inspired Living Give-Away


I’m participating with a circle of women who have come together to offer their gifts to others who might find them of benefit.  I love witnessing and learning the inspired messages of other women, don’t you?  Heaven on earth.  Come take a peak- there’s something for everyone, and you might just discover someone who has just what you’ve been looking for.

New Journals, and an inspiring quote

In love with color, I’ve sewn together limited editons of 8 different journals… Visit here to see them all.

This one is called Pensive, and is from a painting by my Great Grandfather, Arthur Spear.



“You can’t say to a person, “Your cynicism is destructive.
You have to show them the way of delight, the way of joy, the way of poetry -
and let the chips fall where they may.”
Robert Aitken Roshi

In love with color

In the Wintertime on Martha’s Vineyard,
We have this:

Why, so ungrateful, do I want this:

full of winter fantasy, I find this:

At my desk and seeking color, I fall in love with this:

Looking around my living room, I find this:

I thank local photographers for images like this:

(Vineyard Colors)

and in the studio I play with papers, to make things like this:

I can be here now much better, when it looks like this:

And if you came for tea, we’d drink with cups from this:

Love That Is A Lamp

Here is a poem about Love; married love; enduring love….
from my book,
What Holds Us.  (photo credit unknown)

Love That is a Lamp

Give me a story
with a gorgeous
ebbing shoreline
a few green fields
a modest house
a garden
and enduring love
not the
heat that could
burn a village
but a love steadfast
aware of its own
good fortune
love that is
a lamp unto itself
longed for
and held
an inner ember
in its knowing
told and retold
perhaps simply

~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff,
from the Book What Holds Us

all that we behold

In the Studio: Honey Sutras

“Bees spend their lives making honey.
People make honey through their acts of peace and love.”
~ The Honey Sutras,
Soul wisdom from the birds and the bees

I spent the morning sewing together the Handmade version of Honey Sutras…….. I love the ceramic beads- they are magical and very satisfying.

“Possessing ultra-violet vision,
honeybees see through flowers
to detect their hidden nectar.
When we develop similar vision,
we see the nectar inside others.

Within everyone there is gold,
there is an interior world
to be explored,
and there is something
to cherish and to love.

for more information, visit the Honey Sutras page here.

And then, a walk around Tea Lane Farm- cold, raw and misty today.  Beautiful!