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Inspiring Video: Ego, Essence and Joy with Robert Holden, PHD

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so well said!

Visions for a sacred & loving world

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A beautiful piece by Louie Schwartzberg- amazing photography, film, and wisdom.

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This is a very inspiring four minutes, in which Charles Eistenstein offers a beautiful vision for a world that works for all:  a world of community, intimacy, meaning… a world of love and belonging.


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I loved this!

Hope, a poem

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from the book What Holds Us, New and Selected Poems

I wrote this poem shortly after 9-11, when I was feeling stunned and unsure of what we are meant to do in our ordinary and yet sacred lives- with such turmoil in the world.

Sometimes the first line is missed in the playing of the slideshow (shoot!)  It is:  “I hung hope out with the laundry…clothes-pinned tenderly beside a pillow case and two sheets.  I could tell she needed air, a sweet puff of wind…”

I Symphony You… YouTube Valentine

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I thought I’d post this love song here.   When I first wrote “I Symphony You”, one woman brought her husband to my little shop so I would sing it to him.  Another sent it to her estranged boy-friend, and they became engaged.  After that they asked me to come sing it at their wedding.  I’m happy about that.  This is one of the songs on my album, Savor The Days.

Ocean Meditation, video of the sea

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On my way to vote this morning, I stopped by Lucy Vincent Beach.  It was serenely beautiful, with the most gentle waves caressing the shore.  I invite you to watch this video, and imagine the fretting of your mind being soothed, and your natural well-being restored.  It works for me!

Life has Loveliness to sell – song and video

 Life has Loveliness to Sell song and slide show ~   This is a pretty Sarah Teasdale poem which I sang on my album Savor the Days.  I used pictures from my blog, mostly of the Vineyard, for the slide show.

Flowers of the Earth, a lovely video

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This is a beautiful video with the words of a Mayan elder which sound, to me, like a poem you will want to share.  Speaking of flowers, the sun was out this weekend and we gardened and planted lots of bulbs: lily of the valley, peonies, fresia, lilies, irises.  We weeded the asparagus and strawberries… very content and excited.  Wishing you sun and light and love and all good things.