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Pure Poetry… Gratitude

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I love everything about this… his introduction is so beautiful… beauty & seduction, oneness…God…gratefulness… it’s all in here…

So much Beauty Being Expressed

When I first saw this video, my heart spoke to me and said, Imagine: there is so much beauty being expressed in this world that you are currently unaware of.


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A Walk With The Imagination

IMG_1989This summer, The Mad Potter of Martha’s Vineyard, Bill O’Calloghan and his wife Robin Tuck created a story experience at Polly Hill Arboretum It was enchanting.  I visited twice. 

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I’ve long been a fan of Bill’s, and decided to carry some of his magic further afield, by hiding one of his dragons  in a stone wall along a walk near our home.  That gave me so much secret joy, that I soon began hiding a few other bits of magic…




Only those who look will ever be able to see…

My husband says that I am very eccentric… to which, I say….well, I shall always be amused.


I am reminded, for some reason, of this wonderful exhibit I once saw in San Diego, called “A Palace for Wenesday.”  I hope this brings you delight in the creative imagination; in eccentricity; in the dance we all have with the unseen world.

Wonderful Video: Merci! by Christine Rabette

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This is also known as “Bodhisattva on the Metro”, and is a delightful story of how we are connected… and how our moods influence each other.  I loved sharing this one with Jonah, when he came home all worn out from a long day at work.  Both our moods were lifted.

Kadinchey Video

This is a beautiful mix of images and sounds from Bhutan, created by Nick Bertke. Kadinchey means “Thank You.”

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In Love with Rumi

“Come out of the circle of time,
and into the circle of love.”

I remember when I first learned of the Sufi poet Rumi – a light came on in my life back then. It was over twenty years ago, and we were living in Los Angeles.  I used to walk to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore from our apartment- it was the most exciting place in the world to me.  I purchased books there, and a cassette of Rumi poems read by Coleman Barks and Robert Bly.  They made my heart swoon.  His poems seemed to grant a kind of permission to love- to love life and the world- to love the eternal energies at play in the universe.  They were a triumphant declaration that it was ok to feel this much love.   My husband, Jonah, liked them too. Whenever we had a potluck music jam, we’d end it by playing the cassette for our friends.  The way Coleman Barks translates and reads Rumi’s words- he captures so much Love- Big Love, Eternal Love, Infinite Love.  Here are a few short videos… enjoy!

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Romancing the Wind… Kitemaster Ballet

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So much fun!

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Thanks to my Father-in-law Jules Maidoff, for sending this link today.  So delightful!