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To my girls, on Mother’s Day

Lucy1-12-2008019  Dear Rose and Bella,  today is my first empty nest Mother’s Day, and your Dad and I are making dinner for our mothers.  We will give them each a plant, and hope to convey our love, again, and only a little self-consciously because it feels like we are conforming to a social dictate, yet all the while sincere…

But my favorite part of Mother’s Day is how deeply grateful and fulfilled I feel when I think of each of you.  I have LOVED being your mother… more than words can say. When I think of you, I feel a flutter of warmth within me- as if I am in love, and, you know, I am.  Your very existence gives me joy.   Sometimes I’d like to shrink you back down into those darling little bodies still living under our roof…. but then I don’t want to miss any of the all of you right now, just as you are: lovely and loving young women who are coming into their own.

We always told each other to savor the days, and I only wish I’d savored them even more.  I suppose, with this letter, I am.   How time has flown!  How gifted I feel.  My heart if full, today and every day, & I love you.  xx, mom

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  1. Julie Wesolowski says:

    That is such a beautiful letter!

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