Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy

"You are beautiful. You are loved. You are here for a purpose." ~The Honey Sutras

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Hand Sewn The Beautiful Ordinary or The Way of Love

THE BEAUTIFUL ORDINARY, hand-sewn Japanese Paper cover, $40

Just holding this book and dipping into its pages brings a delighted feeling of refreshment and renewal.  If you are longing to remember the sweetness of life, the miracle and splendor, there are plenty of reflections to help you here.

The quotations in this book are offered for their celebration of the beautiful, the ordinary...of Life, and a love for living.  They are a delicious tonic for lifting the spirit and encouraging the heart.

THE WAY OF LOVE, Hand Sewn, $40

Born out of the longing to balance some of the disharmony of these times, each passage in this book is a gentle yet passionate reminder of the power of love to infuse and guide us toward a world we dream is possible- a world that captures our hearts, hopes and imaginations - to which we willingly dedicate the breath, energy, and creativity of our days.

Available as paper-backs for $12 HERE

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