Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy

"The world sparks and hums with radiance. Even when we fail to notice, all still shimmers and shines." ~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, Postcards from the Landscape of Joy

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JOYFUL LIVING CARDS $5 each  updated for 2017
I love how people come every year to the gallery and the artisan's fairs to be inspired by new cards and stock up on old favorites.  I love hearing how appreciated they are; where they are framed in folks' homes, and  how much people love to send and receive them.  Though I can't possibly show them all here on the website, this is a pretty good selection.  These cards are collages of  lovely and uplifting quotes with beautiful Japanese papers behind them.  Each card is blank inside, and 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches. See below for the cards, and use the drop down menu to make your selection.

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1A: Dear Old World (listed low on scroll down menu due to buggy formatting)

1B: The Same Mistakes (Low on scroll down menu- can't seem to fix order...)

1. Gratefulness makes us Happy

2. Let it Produce Joy

3. Life can be Delightful

4. May the day wrap you in its beauty

5. If you relax, it is there



7 Follow Your Bliss

8. Live in the Sunshine

9. The Radiance

10. There are divine things

11. at the center of your being

12. do all the normal things

13.  imagine your life richly

14. Davinci- relaxation

15. No need to sparkle

16. The Magic that Occurs

17. The Secret to Living Well and Long

18. Shining like the sun

19.  Be Clearly Aware

20. The risk to bloom

21.  The Heart is the Hub

22. All you do is sacred

23. Mix a little foolishiness

24.  Create a World

25.  An Education in Gratitude

26.  Once we believe in ourselves

27. Be alert to beauty and grace

28. The things I do not own

29. The Source of Joy

30. The Future Belongs

31.Every Blade of Grass


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