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Living in Love
Love’s kiss 
tastes of honey
drenching us 
with its sweetness.
The heart opens, 
a million petalled
~The Honey Sutras
People ask me why I’m happy.
What can I say?
It’s hard to explain kissing
to those who’ve yet to kiss… 
-Moonlight & Remembrance


the touch of spirit on the body

 “There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, 
the touch of Spirit on the body.  
At night I open the window 
and ask the moon to come and press
 its face against mine.  
Breathe into me.” 

 If you are reading this, most likely you have felt love’s kiss; the touch of spirit on the body.  It’s an awakening of our heart’s awareness which may come from anything and anywhere: a breeze, the warmth of the sun on our face, the kiss of a lover, the spray of the ocean, the song of a bird… It’s as if Love longs for us and is reaching toward us, as much as we are reaching for love…

     Spirit touches us, enters us, and we know that we are part of this great glorious symphony of living. Often sudden and mysterious, and of a natural cause, we experience the rush of love’s energy, and a deep feeling of belonging overtakes us. It can arrive through the glimpse of something beautiful: moonlight, a shooting star, a poem, sparkles of sun on the water, the fragrance of a rose, the rush of a river, the sweet memory of our own divinity… it may arrive when we are loving another being, and it may arrive, as grace, without any apparent cause at all...it may make the hair rise on the back of the neck…. Goose bumps or God bumps… or be an ordinary feeling of warmth and contentment.

 Love's Kiss invites an awakening to our eternal essence. It is a sublime initiation into divine awareness  in which we find ourselves both as mortals living in the everyday world, and as lovers in an intimate love exchange with living.  

Because it is not much spoken of, this sort of love may seem rare, unsupported, mystical or even mad.  Yet I would like to tell you this:  you are both a beautiful mortal, living a swift lifetime on this planet, and also a soul, delighting in the gift and the miracle of this lifetime. The more aware we become of our soul’s love, and the more we live in Love, the more we may contribute to love, loveliness, and healing in the world.  

Over the next 21 days, we will rejoice in this love; relish it, rest in it… make it real for us.   When we accept its invitation, we find that our world is transformed.




Questions:  What does Love’s kiss feel like to you? 
How would you live each day, knowing that at any moment
 you might experience the touch of Spirit on the body?



Sometimes a kiss
can do that:

Unhinge a rusted gate
to let the moonlight in…

Send rain to a parched field,
to play the dust like a drum…

Release a hollow ache…
Warm a stubborn chill…

Build a bridge, a raft,
a momentary trust…

Sometimes, through a kiss
we open

To the infinite world
that holds us.

I’m not saying all the time
but sometimes.

And sometimes
this is enough.

~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff
What Holds Us, New and Selected Poems


“The conclusion is always the same:  Love is the most powerful and still 
the most unknown energy of the world.“  ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Ok, my friend, it is my hope that each email that follows this one will land for you like Love’s kiss… a gentle breeze, a stirring of your memory.  Some days will be a sip of sweetness, some will be a feast.  I hope all will bring you a deep sense of love and well-being.

c. 2013  Ingrid Goff-Maidoff
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