Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy

Celebrating Poetry, Beauty,
& the Sacred Essence of Joy


Tending Joy Retreats are still in the visioning stage ~ and so many visions are emerging!  The island of Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful and nourishing destination for rest and renewal.  I would love to offer a sacred space for communion, celebration, solitude and togetherness.  We could join together for sharing wisdom, creating beauty, visioning and soul-tending… It would be deeply satisfying to walk together along the wooded trails, the golden dirt roads, fields and ocean shores.  We could explore the outer landscape and our inner worlds.  We could drink tea… write poems… have picnics and write prayers… we could count our blessings and feel blessed… we could do anything…

Will you join me in imagining?  What do you long for?  What do you dream?