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New magical little book!

I was minding my own business this week when an enchanting little book of soul questions asked to be created.  Oh it’s such a treasure!  I put it in my pocket and carried it out on my walks and had to keep stopping to read it again and again. At 1 1/4 inches by 2, it’s a delight for those of us who know good things come in small packages.  It brims with beautiful questions that lead us back to the soul.





There are 32 tiny pages, with 40 questions in all.



These are delightful writing prompts… invitations for inquiry… conversation starters…



Each page offers a powerful invitation and transmission…





I’ve sewn the book with gold thread and left a loop so it could be hung as an ornament,
or even worn on a chain as a conversation starting pendant.


CLICK HERE for the product Page for A Little Book of Soul Questions.

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Autumn and an Angel



This evening’s walk was a rich display of Autumn’s warm colors.





Sheep were grazing in the field, and looked up to see what I might offer.

IMG_3064 IMG_3079

I have nothing to give the sheep,
but I do have a new Angel Journal that I have sewn with golden thread, and that I offer you this season.

IMG_3095 IMG_3096

Included with the journal is a bookmark with the following poem:

   If I were an angel,
I’d softly speak to
your heart’s ear,
and hold you with
my warm and
hope-filled wings.
Though this life is
rare and precious,
do not live in fear~
count instead the
blessings which
every season brings.
A kingdom much like
heaven is spread across
the earth, and with
growing awareness
awakes the human race.
And Love does flow
right to you, within, among,
and through you,
lighting all you do and are
with its eternal Grace.

The illustration on the journal is a painting called Tatiana’s Awakening, by Charles Sims,1896.  There are approx. 60 golden parchment pages inside, and she is nestled in a gift box.


In the Studio This Week

I’ve been joyfully listening to the audio version of BIG MAGIC, Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Her writing style; her beautiful mind… such wonderful company in a creative studio, in the car… anywhere.  While I listen, I’ve been wrapping BLISS OF BEING inspiration decks,  and JOY bundles.  I feel so blessed to have this creative work.




Our daughter Rose has graduated college and moved to Seattle.  She is very very happy there~ teaching sewing, learning to cook, falling in love.  And I miss her.  This is the card I chose to send her this week, from my collection of New Joyful Living Cards.


One Hundred Blessings



Because so many beautiful people love my One Hundred Fortunes bundles, I’ve created One Hundred Blessings, with all new quotes inside.  It was a joy to assemble this collection.  I’m using softer colors for these, and the quotes lean toward love and blessings.  There are gift giver discounts for bulk purchases.


Then I had the delighted idea to take the hundred fortunes AND the hundred blessings and put all 200 into a larger gift box.  I’ve called them A BOX OF FORTUNES, and they come in several beautiful patterns.



I’ve also created a bunch of new Joyful Living cards.
 Click here to see them all.


Five Favorite Love Quotations… from the Love Box

I’m so excited to share these new Love Boxes with you- just in time for Valentine’s, but perfect love reminders for any time of year.  Each box contains 30 inspirational cards with a focus not merely on romantic love, but on the essence and essentialness of love- the presence and the practice of love- the beingness of it.

love box

IMG_2280 IMG_2283 IMG_2284



For the Love Box Product page, visit here!



New Journals, and an inspiring quote

In love with color, I’ve sewn together limited editons of 8 different journals… Visit here to see them all.

This one is called Pensive, and is from a painting by my Great Grandfather, Arthur Spear.



“You can’t say to a person, “Your cynicism is destructive.
You have to show them the way of delight, the way of joy, the way of poetry –
and let the chips fall where they may.”
Robert Aitken Roshi

In the Studio: Honey Sutras

“Bees spend their lives making honey.
People make honey through their acts of peace and love.”
~ The Honey Sutras,
Soul wisdom from the birds and the bees

I spent the morning sewing together the Handmade version of Honey Sutras…….. I love the ceramic beads- they are magical and very satisfying.

“Possessing ultra-violet vision,
honeybees see through flowers
to detect their hidden nectar.
When we develop similar vision,
we see the nectar inside others.

Within everyone there is gold,
there is an interior world
to be explored,
and there is something
to cherish and to love.

for more information, visit the Honey Sutras page here.

And then, a walk around Tea Lane Farm- cold, raw and misty today.  Beautiful!