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A simple and impactful way to send Aid to Puerto Rico

Dear friends, THANK YOU!!!!!

A few weeks ago, while I was on duty at the Gallery, I met a woman named Ricia who is a literature professor at University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.  She said she and her husband were refugees from the hurricane, and just heading home with suitcases full of supplies to distribute to students and neighbors.  She said the University had word that five thousand of their students have no idea where their next food will come from.  She told me how people are dying from drinking dirty water out of puddles.  As she spoke to me, her eyes were filled with tears of compassion, anger, resilience, courage, sadness, love…

    I asked her what I could do and she told me any supplies I sent would be gratefully distributed.  That night, worried about how things could even be delivered there, I placed a small order for a water filter on Amazon and had it shipped to her.  When I received the news that it indeed had arrived, I sent word out to my newsletter subscribers.  Many folks have joined in by going to Amazon prime, and generously ordering supplies to send as gifts to Ricia.


We have sent water tablets, water filters,  non perishable foods, solar lanterns, batteries… It’s hard to express the joy- the deep heart satisfaction, of shopping for folks in such dire need, and knowing our gifts will arrive there.  If you want to join in helping, here is Ricia’s address:


Ricia Chansky

434 Los Almendros  #34D

Rincon, PR  00677   USA

Ricia has been sending me thanks and updates on the impact of our gifts. I wanted to pass on some of her thank-you’s to you here:

My dear Ingrid, Please thank all of these wonderful people for me, our students, and our communities.We have been passing out food, water, and flashlights/batteries/solar lanterns to our students; bringing water filters, tablets, batteries, and flashlights to our old neighborhoods of Cruces and Atalaya; and, sending water filters, tablets, batteries, food, and goods for children to Morovis and Utuado.I appreciate so much the help from you and your friends. I feel as though I have more friends than ever and I feel loved. Thank you!


Dear Ingrid, I hope you all have had a lovely Thanksgiving. I just wanted to write and say that I have so much to be grateful this year. One of them is you and your kindness to us, our students, and our neighbors. We received two large boxes from Amazon earlier in the week. We divided them in half and brought TEN of the larger Life Straw water filters as well as batteries and lanterns to communities in desperate need and then were able to restock a smaller food pantry for students that is in our building on campus. We are thrilled and deeply moved by the generosity of you and your friends. Thank you! Love, Ricia


Dear Ingrid, I hope you are well. Just a quick note to let you know that today a student stayed after class to explain to me why her essay wasn’t completed. She explained that she lost her apartment because she no longer could pay the rent and that she was sleeping on a friend’s sofa. That she didn’t even have food or money to buy any. We had received a lovely donation from one of your friends on Friday and brought it to school today for the food bank. I was able to fill two large shopping bags for her with a variety of foods and give her a little bit of spending money. She cried. I cried. And she said it’s the first assistance that she received since the hurricane. I am very grateful to you for your help and just wanted to let you know that your friends are still carrying on their good works. Best, Ricia



Dear Ingrid, I just wanted to share this note from one of my students so you would know how much you matter. I fed her with food from boxes that you and your friends sent. With gratitude, Ricia

Dr. C,   I wanted to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for what you have done for me. I have this train of thought that I always believe there must be someone who is going through worse situations than me and because of that I don’t ask for help.

But I must thank you because now I can actually eat something other than saltines at home. I must admit, that I was very grateful for the fact that there was food in class yesterday, as sometimes I’ve been eating only once a day, like something small like snacks. But let me tell you that the tomato soups are super good and I actually had dinner yesterday.

I am beyond grateful for your help, I wish I could put more words into it but I’m just so happy and so thankful for everything.


*Virtual hugs*


When we bless, we in turn feel blessed.  When we practice generosity, we are living in grace.  It feels so good!!!!   And so I wanted to share Ricia’s address with you, in case you are seeking a way to help our neighbors in Puerto Rico.


If you would like to help, I found that sending a gift of supplies through Amazon Prime was very simple.  

Here is Ricia’s address:

Ricia Chansky

434 Los Almendros  #34D

Rincon, PR  00677   USA


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