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Pouring love into everything


Jonah and I took the boat to Falmouth last Saturday to participate in the rally on the green.  It was a love fest.  Just what we needed- hundreds of people coming together to share love and concern for the planet and each other.  When I see the images of rallies all over the world, and then imagine all the smaller, undocumented gatherings, my heart swells with warmth.  I think my favorite sign was the one that said, “so bad: even the introverts are here.”  

Yesterday I wrote a letter to the president.  I was very cordial.

At night I have trouble sleeping.  But during the day I am doing all I can to pour love into everything.  On Tuesday, when Jonah came home from work I showed him the pile of wrapped Peace & Love Stones I had created.  He chuckled.  We both know I can be compulsive in manufacturing when I am nervous.  



I’ve been adding Rose quartz hearts to a number of my gifts- sweet little ones to The Joy Box… The namaste Love & Oneness Blessing Bundle…  They just seem to add that certain something….



Here are two pages from the book The Way of Love.  I hope they are as helpful to you as they are to me.



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