Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy

Beautiful gifts

To bless, to feel blessed ~ to spread peace and love and kindness ~ to scatter joy ~ to encourage, comfort, uplift and inspire... These are some of the greatest joys of a Joy Tender, and that's what these gifts are created to do.  That they are soulfully made with beauty, texture and love- not churned out by a factory- makes them all the more uplifting.  I love creating these gifts. This is one of my daily practices.

Many have bulk, gift-giver discounts for yoga teachers, life-coaches, mentors, party planners, healers, anyone who wants to spread love in a beautiful way.

For more information, click on each gift to be taken to it's details page.

BLISS OF BEING CARDS ~ 52 quotation cards for centering the heart ~ 12.95

WISDOM BOX ~ a little match box of world wisdom ~ $10.


BREATHE ~ Miniature Accordion Book ~$15.

JOY BOX ~14.00

YOU ARE LOVED SCROLL ~$3, or make your own pdf kit $4.95

PAPER ORNAMENTS 12.75 ~ $16.


THE GIFTS OF FRIENDSHIP ~ lovely quotes to send a friend ~$12.

SOUL BLESSINGS GIFT BAG ~ Seven gifts with blessings ~$22.00

NAMASTE Love & Oneness Blessing Bundle ~$15

SAINT FRANCIS PRAYER, ready to frame $12

SOUL BLESSING, ready to frame $12

JOY TO YOU GIFT BAG ~ ten gifts each with a wish ~ $28. ~

BOX OF FORTUNES ~ 200 wonderful quotes ~ $24


LITTLE BOOK OF SOUL QUESTIONS ~ to give you back your Self

LOVE BOX ~ 30 "love as a way of being" quotes, tucked inside a little match box ~ $12.~