Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy


There's something so special about receiving cards in the mail.... so good for the soul- the handwritten address, the stamp, the love and attention recorded within... and there is something so centering in the practice of slowing down, breathing, sharing glimpses from your life, and sending someone a bit of love, a bit of beauty-  comfort and pleasure in knowing that you are thinking of them...

Wedding Blessing Card ~$14.

Six Love and Blessings Cards ~$28.00

New Day Card ~$5

Do Good Things For Each Other ~$5

Happily in the Here and Now Card ~$5

Dwelling Card $14.

The Eyes Of The Heart- Printed Card ~$3.

Hope- Printed Card ~$3.

Wishing you Love Card ~$5

Landscape of Joy Cards ~5.

Joy Card, Live in Joy ~$5

Joy Card, Light in the Soul ~$5

Sympathy Card, Stars in the Sky, $5

Sympathy Card, Do not weep, ~$5

Friendship Card, water is sweet ~$5


May You Never Ever Forget How Beautiful You Are

Wishing You Every Wish That You Might Wish

May Your Path Be Joyful

May You Walk In Wonder All Your Days

Joy Card- Joy is the realization of oneness

Poem Card- Beloved Sings $6

Poem Card- Enough $6

Poem Card- Sometimes A Kiss $8.

Friendship Card-

Joy Card - Every spirit builds itself a house

Card- The Lotus Flower blooms

Love Poem Card- you be the wind to my waves

Holiday Cards ~ Blessings of the Season

Joyful Living Cards

Friendship Cards

Wishing You Well Cards

Sympathy Cards

Heaven on Earth Quote Cards

Wedding, Anniversary & Romantic Valentine Cards

Love Cards & Non-Romantic Valentines

Soul Cards 20 inspiring post cards $12

Mermaids & Muses Cards $28 set (+ 6 free postcards while supplies last)