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"A woman is of the earth. She may have many harvests,each according to its own season." ~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, Good Mother, Welcome.

Wholesale products

 Ingrid founded Sarah's Circle Publishing in 1992, in order to collect songwriting royalties while singing her own songs on "Star Search", yet her vision for the Publishing House was what you see today: a beautiful catalog of poetry, books and gifts.

Ingrid's products are adored for the splashes of color, beauty, and inspiration they add to any retail setting.    The grid below shows what is available for wholesale.  Handmade Books are discounted 40% per piece; Paperbacks are discounted 40%, or 50% if ordered by the half-dozen; gifts are discounted 50%. Minimum order $150.00.  Turn around time is usually a day or two.  First order, please be prepared to pay by credit card, after that we are happy to bill NET 30.

You must have an actual shop and resale number for wholesale. PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not a qualified retailer, you might consider the GIFT-GIVER bulk purchase discounts designed for life coaches, therapists, yoga teachers, nutritionists, midwives, and all folks with big generous hearts.  This is available as a purchase option for many products. 


Please contact Ingrid for more information if you have any questions.

*The hard-cover versions of the Quote Books Love, Friendship, and Happiness are available through Simon and Schuster.*

The Honey Sutras ~$14.95 - $40.

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Good Mother Welcome ~14.00

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Simple Graces for Every Meal ~$14. handmade,

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Bliss of Being Cards~$12.95

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What Holds Us, New and Selected Poems ~$14, e-book $7

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Wisdom Box ~ $10.

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The Joy Book ~ $16.95 paperback $60 hand-sewn hardcover, or $12.95 e-book

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Moonlight and Remembrance $12.

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The Gifts of Friendship ~$12.

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Living Wisdom $12.~

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Befriending the Soul $16

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Morning Papers $12

Love Boxes $12.~


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