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"We are like waves on the Ocean of Belonging. We may think that we are separate, but it is really all we are." ~Postcards from the Landscape of Joy

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  • Gift books

  • THE HONEY SUTRAS ~$14.95 paperback - $40 Hand-sewn artist version.
    The poetry of the Honey Sutras celebrates the divine within us all. Lovely for Yoga and meditation.

  • Savor the Days ~$12.
    Savor the Days is a soothing, transporting and refreshing album of inspirational music by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff.

  • BREATHE ~ Miniature Accordion Book ~$15.
    In the middle of a hectic day, we need a reminder to simply Breathe. This handmade miniature book with its quiet reflection is the perfect inspirational gift.

  • THE ABUNDANCE OF GRACE ~ reflections & quotations ~15.00
    A book of inspiring quotations to infuse your days with a tender awareness of the presence of grace.

  • Fold Out Accordion Prayer, Saint Francis, Metta Prayer of Loving Kindness, or Mothering Prayer ~$20.
    Beautiful mini fold out accordion altars with pictures on the front, and prayers on the back.

  • THE JOY BOOK ~ $16.00 paperback (with colored markers!) $60 hand-sewn hardcover, or $12.95 e-book
    Go from feeling frazzled to fulfilled with this inspirational book with meditations, reflections, 101 joy practices, and lovely art noveau illustrations.

  • IF I WERE A FAIRY, tiny treasure book ~$22.
    A sweet musing to give wings to the reader's imagination. This miniature treasure is handsewn with gold thread, and has a fairy cameo on the front.

  • Twelve Ways To Get Happy ~$10.00
    A pick-me-up book with wonderful turn of the century illustrations, and fun ideas for turning your mood around.

  • THE GIFTS OF FRIENDSHIP ~ lovely quotes to send a friend ~$12.
    This little quote book is a celebration of the joys and the comforts of friendship. Here are words of wisdom, gratitude and awe ~ each with the shared understanding that the gifts of friendship, of being and having a friend, are among life’s greatest blessings.

    Created by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, a rich and inspiring collection of poetry, prose and world wisdom for living in oneness with the soul. 90 pages, trade paper

  • LITTLE BOOK OF SOUL QUESTIONS ~ to give you back your Self
    Mini hard cover, hand sewn with gold thread. 32 pages, 40 beautiful questions for listening to the soul. 1 1/4 inch by 2 inches.

  • WHAT HOLDS US, New and Selected Poems ~$14, e-book $7
    These are enriching poems of love and belonging by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff. Each soul-centering poem celebrates a deep and vibrant intimacy with nature, lover, family, daily living and the world.

  • MOONLIGHT & REMEMBRANCE ~ mystic love poems ~ $12.
    Uplifting, transporting and delightful Mystic love poems by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, Trade Paper

  • LIVING WISDOM ~ quotations for inspired living ~ $12.~
    This is a collection of beautiful, memorable and inspiring quotations on living fully and loving well...

  • POSTCARDS FROM THE LANDSCAPE OF JOY ~ handmade with magic ~$75.
    Each page in this beautiful book is a colorful post-card, or a letter in an envelope exploring the realm of love and joy within you... Hand sewn Hard-cover, 48 pages

  • ~Joy, Light, Beautiful Wisdom ~ selected passages to fill your heart with joy $16 paperback- $46 hand-sewn hardcover
    Inspirational passages on Joy, Light, and Beauty, available as a paperback or handsewn hard cover.

  • Symphony by William Ellery Channing, Miniature Book, $7.50
    The wise and inspiring verse of William Ellery Channing, as a miniature book.

  • The Way of Love ~14.00
    inspiring quotations for engaging in the world with compassion, imagination, creativity and hope

  • GOOD MOTHER WELCOME, inspiring words for new moms ~14.00
    A wise book of loving comfort and gentle reassurance created to support a new mother in maintaining her sense of wholeness while embracing the overwhelming and joyful experience of a love deeper and wider than anything she has ever known.

  • little book of happiness, $7.50
    a miniature book sure to uplift and inspire

  • SIMPLE GRACES FOR EVERY MEAL ~$14. handmade,
    A multi-faith collection of dinner prayers, graces, invocations and blessings by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff for special gatherings, holidays or dinners at home.

    Purchase all four poetry books, and save.

  • COURAGE ~ comforting quotations for difficult times ~$15.00
    Courage is a book of comforting words for trying times, containing 60 pages of inspiring quotations-

  • Gift bundles

  • UNFOLD YOUR SOUL Gift & Retreat Collection $65
    A gift assortment containing Befriending the Soul, A little Book of Soul Questions, Lotus Pendant, a rolled Soul Blessing,and Soul Cards.

  • cards

  • Wedding Blessing Card ~$14.
    A lovely blessing for the happy couple.

  • Namaste Card ~$6.
    Namaste card, tied with colorful yarn, with an inspiring explanation of the term Namaste on the back.

  • Soul Cards 20 inspiring post cards $12
    A set of 20 beautiful and inspiring post card quote cards- for keeping or sending.

  • Mermaids & Muses Cards $28 set (+ 6 free postcards while supplies last)
    mermaid and muse paintings by Arthur Spear, framed with a touch of gold and mounted on cards

  • Friendship penpal kit & add ons


  • Friendship Cards
    handmade cards celebrating friendhsip with colorful chiyogami papers and inspiring words

  • Love Cards & Non-Romantic Valentines
    Quote cards celebrating the essence and essentialness of love, collaged on Japanese papers.

  • Wishing You Well Cards
    hand made collaged cards for sending love and well wishes

  • Sympathy Cards
    thoughtful words for loss and bereavement

  • Heaven on Earth Quote Cards
    A collection of quote cards celebrating life on this beautiful planet.

  • Wedding, Anniversary & Romantic Valentine Cards

  • Hope- Printed Card & Laundry themed Postcards~$3.

  • Digital downloads & apps

  • The Joy Book e-book $12.95~
    Now avaiable through ejunkie as a pdf download, get some Joy for half the price, no shipping and no waiting.

  • Wise Words For Living - as an App! ~1.99
    Wonderful for quote lovers, this beautiful app created by Monarch Media contains 100 blessings, proverbs and words of wisdom to keep on your phone for inspiration throughout the day.

  • E-courses and offerings

  • LIVING IN LOVE e-celebration: 3 weeks of the most beautiful love-drenched emails you've ever received ~NOW FREE!
    LIVING IN LOVE is a 21 day email celebration of poetry and mystic inspiration for living your life in love, with love and as love.