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"We are like waves on the Ocean of Belonging. We may think that we are separate, but it is really all we are." ~Postcards from the Landscape of Joy

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  • Gift books

  • THE HONEY SUTRAS ~$14.95 paperback - $40 Hand-sewn artist version.
    The poetry of the Honey Sutras celebrates the divine within us all. Lovely for Yoga and meditation.

  • Savor the Days ~$12.
    Savor the Days is a soothing, transporting and refreshing album of inspirational music by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff.

  • BREATHE ~ Miniature Accordion Book ~$15.
    In the middle of a hectic day, we need a reminder to simply Breathe. This handmade miniature book with its quiet reflection is the perfect inspirational gift.

  • THE ABUNDANCE OF GRACE ~ reflections & quotations ~15.00
    A book of inspiring quotations to infuse your days with a tender awareness of the presence of grace.

  • THE JOY BOOK ~ $16.00 paperback, $60 hand-sewn hardcover, or $12.95 e-book
    Go from feeling frazzled to fulfilled with this inspirational book with meditations, reflections, 101 joy practices, and lovely art noveau illustrations.

  • IF I WERE A FAIRY, tiny treasure book ~$22.
    A sweet musing to give wings to the reader's imagination. This miniature treasure is handsewn with gold thread, and has a fairy cameo on the front.

  • THE GIFTS OF FRIENDSHIP ~lovely quotes to send a friend ~$12.75
    This little quote book is a celebration of the joys and the comforts of friendship. Here are words of wisdom, gratitude and awe ~ each with the shared understanding that the gifts of friendship, of being and having a friend, are among life’s greatest blessings.

    Created by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, a rich and inspiring collection of poetry, prose and world wisdom for living in oneness with the soul. 90 pages, trade paper

    Mini hard cover, hand sewn with gold thread. 20 pages,beautiful questions for listening to the soul. 1 1/4 inch by 2 inches.

  • WHAT HOLDS US, New and Selected Poems ~$14, e-book $7
    These are enriching poems of love and belonging by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff. Each soul-centering poem celebrates a deep and vibrant intimacy with nature, lover, family, daily living and the world.

  • MOONLIGHT & REMEMBRANCE ~ mystic love poems ~ $12.
    Uplifting, transporting and delightful Mystic love poems by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, Trade Paper

  • LIVING WISDOM ~ quotations for inspired living ~ $12.75~
    This is a collection of beautiful, memorable and inspiring quotations on living fully and loving well...

  • POSTCARDS FROM THE LANDSCAPE OF JOY ~ handmade with magic ~$75.
    Each page in this beautiful book is a colorful post-card, or a letter in an envelope exploring the realm of love and joy within you... Hand sewn Hard-cover, 48 pages

  • ~Joy, Light, Beautiful Wisdom ~ selected passages to fill your heart with joy $16 paperback- $46 hand-sewn hardcover
    Inspirational passages on Joy, Light, and Beauty, available as a paperback or handsewn hard cover.

  • Symphony by William Ellery Channing, Miniature Book, $8.00
    The wise and inspiring verse of William Ellery Channing, as a miniature book.

  • The Way of Love ~15.00
    inspiring quotations for engaging in the world with compassion, imagination, creativity and hope

  • GOOD MOTHER WELCOME, inspiring words for new moms ~14.00
    A wise book of loving comfort and gentle reassurance created to support a new mother in maintaining her sense of wholeness while embracing the overwhelming and joyful experience of a love deeper and wider than anything she has ever known.

  • little book of happiness, $8.00
    a miniature book sure to uplift and inspire

  • SIMPLE GRACES FOR EVERY MEAL ~$15. handmade,
    A multi-faith collection of dinner prayers, graces, invocations and blessings by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff for special gatherings, holidays or dinners at home.

    Purchase all four poetry books, and save.

  • COURAGE ~ comforting quotations for difficult times ~$15.00
    Courage is a book of comforting words for trying times, containing 60 pages of inspiring quotations-

  • Gift bundles

  • UNFOLD YOUR SOUL Gift & Retreat Collection $65
    A gift assortment containing Befriending the Soul, A little Book of Soul Questions, Lotus Pendant, a rolled Soul Blessing,and Soul Cards.

  • cards

  • Wedding Blessing Card ~$14.
    A lovely blessing for the happy couple.

  • Namaste Card ~$6.
    Namaste card, tied with colorful yarn, with an inspiring explanation of the term Namaste on the back.

  • Soul Cards 20 inspiring post cards $12
    A set of 20 beautiful and inspiring post card quote cards- for keeping or sending.

  • Mermaids & Muses Cards $28 set (+ 6 free postcards while supplies last)
    mermaid and muse paintings by Arthur Spear, framed with a touch of gold and mounted on cards

  • JOYFUL LIVING CARDS 2018 Additions


  • Friendship Cards
    handmade cards celebrating friendhsip with colorful chiyogami papers and inspiring words

  • Love Cards & Non-Romantic Valentines
    Quote cards celebrating the essence and essentialness of love, collaged on Japanese papers.

  • Wishing You Well Cards
    hand made collaged cards for sending love and well wishes

  • Sympathy Cards
    thoughtful words for loss and bereavement

  • Heaven on Earth Quote Cards
    A collection of quote cards celebrating life on this beautiful planet.

  • Wedding, Anniversary & Romantic Valentine Cards

  • Hope- Printed Card & Laundry themed Postcards~$3.

  • Digital downloads & apps

  • The Joy Book e-book $12.95~
    Now avaiable through ejunkie as a pdf download, get some Joy for half the price, no shipping and no waiting.

  • Wise Words For Living - as an App! ~1.99
    Wonderful for quote lovers, this beautiful app created by Monarch Media contains 100 blessings, proverbs and words of wisdom to keep on your phone for inspiration throughout the day.

  • E-courses and offerings

  • LIVING IN LOVE e-celebration: 3 weeks of the most beautiful love-drenched emails you've ever received ~NOW FREE!
    LIVING IN LOVE is a 21 day email celebration of poetry and mystic inspiration for living your life in love, with love and as love.